How to Prevent and Reduce Stretch Marks

Woman embracing her stretch marks [Thumbnail image]
The elasticity of our skin is one of the main factors that determine its youth and beauty. Stretch marks look like small scars, but you can reduce them. Usually, they are lighter than skin, do not tan, have a specific, pronounced «relief». In most cases, the skin retains its elasticity for a long time. However, […]

How not to burn on the beach

close up of young woman body on sunbed tanning [Thumbnail image]
The summer brought a comfortable temperature and sun. People go to the sea: for seawater, waves and ultraviolet portions. That promise your body a perfect tan. Even though, the tan is a protective reaction of the body to the harmful effects of the sun, everyone wants to get a bronze shade. Always need to stick […]

How to Reduce Water Retention

Stream of clear water splashes against a woman's body. [Thumbnail image]
Our body is 70% water, 2/3 of that volume is inside the cells and 1/3 of that is in the intercellular space. If there is no balance we have water retention in our body, then in the intercellular space the volume of water becomes larger. We usually learn about them by looking in the mirror […]

All about Facial Peeling

Face peeling procedure [Thumbnail image]
Peeling is the process of removing keratinized cells from the skin surface, reducing the epidermis layer and cleansing the pores. How Peeling Works The principle of peeling depends on its type. There are two types of peeling: chemical and mechanical. Chemical peeling action: the acids, when they get on the skin, dissolve the connections between […]

Face lift cream. When to start using?

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Face lift creams are the beauty product that some people use since early youth, and others – delay its use. When do you really need to start using face lift creams? What are their benefits? What is lifting cream? It is an anti-aging cosmetics that fights signs of skin aging. The beginning of its application […]

What is Micellar Water, and how do you use it?

Young lady standing in front of mirror, applying face lotion or cream to take care of her skin [Thumbnail image]
Micellar Water is a cleansing agent for the skin with special particles – micelles, dissolving makeup and gently eliminating dirt, but keeping hydrolipid balance. This is a reasonable compromise between a thick texture of cosmetic milk that clogs the pores and a wash gel that can dry and irritate the epidermis. Micellar Water properties Micellar […]