Cleanse the face properly

Beauty portrait of happy pleasant looking smiling lady uses cosmetic sponge for cleaning face, stand [Thumbnail image]
Cleansing is one of the most important facial care procedures. This is not just a necessity for the normal functioning of the skin, but the key to success for all the following beauty treatments. Well cleaned skin is 30% better at absorbing active ingredients of creams and serums. But how qualitatively this basic daily ritual […]

How to make our hair shine and thick

Strong hair. [Thumbnail image]
Thick silky hair always looks gorgeous. Some have such hair since birth, and others have to achieve the perfect hairstyle. The beauty and strength of our hair depend on keratin. Keratin is the protein that makes up 80% of the hair structure. Diets, temperature fluctuations, coloration are factors that destroy keratin and worsen hair condition. […]

How to refresh our skin

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Our skin is not only our protective barrier, it is also an indicator of the vitality of our body. Looking at the skin of a person, you can learn a lot about him: age, disease, the level of stress in life. A healthy, clean skin attracts attention and charm, and can be achieved at any […]

Collagen: Help to Slow the Aging Process

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It is not a secret that every year our body grows older. This is related to many factors, but mainly, living standards, stress and having children. We are united in the fact that regardless of all factors, our body begins to age at 25 years. At this time, we begin actively to lose natural Collagen. […]