4 Best Rules for Stretching properly

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What is stretching – a complex of exercises that develops the flexibility of the person. This definition does not fully characterize all the positive aspects of this action. Let’s look at all aspects.

Benefits of Stretching

  1. Provides quick recovery after workouts.
  2. During strength training, muscles grow by contraction, they are constantly working and are stressed. After the workout, you need to relax the muscles by stretching them, bring them to their original position so that the muscles can rest and recover.
  3. Adds precision to exercises. Properly stretched muscles can perform exercises correctly.
  4. Adds flexibility to joints and ligaments. Every time you stretch, you train your joints and ligaments and prolong your youth.
Jogging coach streching with clients

Stretching Recommendations

  1. Use stretching as exercise before cardio. Stretched muscles will perform the exercises more precisely and allow less time to warm up.
  2. Stretching after workout to relax muscles and restore their original length.
  3. Make daily stretch exercises. Daily stretches to the required muscle groups allow you to have the correct exercise technique without causing discomfort and pain.

Basic rules of stretching exercises

  1. Just a gentle static stretching, no sudden movements.
  2. Stretching is a smooth and long process. Muscles do not immediately give way to stretching. The stretched position must be 10-20 seconds for effective stretching. During this time, the muscle gradually increases its length, fixes on this length and gets used to it. After fixation on exhalation, it is necessary to gently stretch a little more.
  3. Deep and calm breathing.
  4. You need to stretch the muscle until the muscle “gives” stretch. A stop “signal” is the appearance of slight pain. When this “signal” appears, you need to fix the muscle in the stretch position for 10 seconds, but do not stretch further.
Fitness runner woman is stretching before jogging.


In all your actions and trainings, you need to listen to your body and your feelings. Avoid excessive loads. First of all, stretching relaxes muscles and strengthens joints and ligaments, thus making you healthier and stronger.

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More about stretching before running you can read on the website of National Library of Medicine.

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