Yoga: psychological and physical benefits.

Yoga: psychological and physical benefits. [Thumbnail image]
Yoga is an ancient spiritual practice aimed at the attainment of a person’s sublime spiritual and psychic state. Yoga consists of Asana (exercises), breathing techniques and meditations (passive and active), so it develops a person comprehensively – through the body, mind, and emotions. Many techniques adapt to student’s needs, and focus on body and breathing. […]

Yoga for beginners: how to start

Yoga for beginners: how to start [Thumbnail image]
Your task – describe the image of the result Yoga is a capacious and profound practice. Your experience will depend on your requests and expectations. In order not to be disappointed, you should immediately understand what you want and what you want to solve. Decide on what you want: move? Relax? Regain strength? Correct posture? […]

Swimming for a healthy spine

Swimming for a healthy spine [Thumbnail image]
The benefits of swimming in spine diseases are so significant that doctors recommend it to patients along with physical therapy. One of the reasons for this efficiency is the property of water to reduce the weight of immersed bodies. So, if a person weighs 70 kg, then in the water he will lighten up to […]

How to stretch properly

How to stretch properly [Thumbnail image]
What is stretching – a complex of exercises that develops the flexibility of the person. This definition does not fully characterize all the positive aspects of this action. Let’s look at all aspects. Why do you need a stretch Provides quick recovery after workouts. During strength training, muscles grow by contraction, they are constantly working […]

The importance of Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis – NEAT

The importance of Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis – NEAT [Thumbnail image]
Body weight loss is 80% dependent on your diet and 20% on exercise. A special and important element in this plan lost – is the spontaneous non-technical activity (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis – NEAT). This daily activity affects the weight loss rate and weight gain after weight loss. Our energy costs are divided into: Basic calorie […]

Jogging tips for beginners

Jogging tips for beginners [Thumbnail image]
Beginners in the running should not take themselves too seriously and immediately build Olympic plans. The best thing to do is to be attentive to yourself and your feelings while running. Everyone who goes out for a run has individual features and individual reactions and recovery after running. Remember, you are not a professional athlete. […]

Workout Tips for Women Over 40

Workout Tips for Women Over 40 [Thumbnail image]
After 40 years, a woman’s body becomes more vulnerable due to hormonal changes. The efficiency of internal organs reduced and there are changes in the metabolic process in the body. The result of this malfunction are the deterioration in health, extra pounds and skin problems. Physical activity will help to avoid all the undesirable consequences […]