Powerful Magnesium: Vitamin of Youth and Health

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Magnesium is an essential element that is present in all tissues of the human body and is necessary for the full functioning of cells. It is involved in about 300 biochemical reactions that occur every second in our body, so its deficiency quickly affects the well-being and appearance.

Magnesium functions in the body

  • Magnesium needed to obtain energy for the cells of the body;
  • The metabolism of B vitamins and vitamin C  is impossible without it;
  • Reduces joint pain, regulates muscle tone, eliminates cramps;
  • Affects the strength of vessels, reduces the blood pressure;
  • Interacting with insulin, regulates blood glucose levels;
  • Takes an active part in tissue regeneration.
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Benefits of magnesium

Magnesium needed for energy exchange within each cell, and for the formation of a common human energy potential.

Magnesium at the intracellular level helps to reduce the excitability of neurons.

It is responsible for transmitting the braking signals from the brain to the muscles. Thanks to this magnesium has a calming effect on the nervous system: relieves nervous tension, helps to relax.

Magnesium is responsible for muscle function: its contraction and relaxation. Relieves muscle cramps and muscle strain.

The lack of magnesium prevents absorption of calcium, which can lead to kidney stones and osteoporosis.

Low magnesium in the female bodies leads to severe manifestations of premenstrual syndrome: emotional instability, abdominal pain, increased sensitivity of the breast. In menopause, magnesium deficiency causes sweating, weakness, fatigue, irritability.

In male bodies, magnesium increases testosterone production, and the lack of magnesium leads to problems with potency.

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Causes of magnesium deficiency in the body

1. Insufficient intake of magnesium.

This is caused by poor diet, especially the lack of food rich in this element. Magnesium enters the body with water. Therefore, people living in areas where water contains few minerals are more at risk of magnesium deficiency.

2. Poor absorption of magnesium.

Could be a genetic predisposition or digestive disease. Magnesium poorly absorbed through excessive consumption of fatty foods, iron, and calcium deficiency. Magnesium’s absorption decreases with age.

3. Increased removal of magnesium with urine.

Typical for people with diabetes.

4. Increased need for magnesium.

Pregnant and lactating women, athletes, people engaged in heavy physical or mental work need a higher concentration of magnesium in the body. Magnesium consumption increases during stress and the exacerbation of chronic diseases.

Food rich in magnesium, healthy eating and dieting

Magnesium rich food

  • Seeds and nuts
  • Cereals and beans, bran, soy
  • Black, bitter chocolate

The daily dose of magnesium for an adult is 300 mg. With high magnesium deficiency and for people at risk group, it is necessary to take supplements with magnesium.

More about nutrition here. More information about the benefits of magnesium you can read on the website of the National Library of Medicine.

Supplements with magnesium

Brand “Doctor’s Best” offers a product High Absorption Magnesium. High Absorption Magnesium uses a patented, organic, chelated delivery form of magnesium to optimize bioavailability and GI tolerance. It is not buffered and is more absorbable than magnesium oxide.

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Brand “Natural Vitality” offers a product with magnesium Calm. Healthy dietary supplement in a flavored powder form that helps support healthy magnesium levels and supports a calming and uniquely relaxing experience. A vegan and gluten-free anti-stress drink mix that is formulated with magnesium sourced from the Pacific Ocean to promote a healthy calm. Does Not Contain Any of the 8 Major Allergens.

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Brand “Nature’s Bounty” offers a product with magnesium, calcium, and zinc. Nature’s Bounty Calcium-Magnesium-Zinc Caplets contain Vitamin D3 to assist in calcium absorption and help maintain a healthy immune system. Calcium-Magnesium-Zinc Caplets are non-GMO and sugar- and gluten-free.

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