4 Health Benefits Almond Flour and Almond Meal

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Almond flour and almond meal are popular gluten-free ingredients used in everything from cakes and cookies to meat and vegetables. They’re quite similar, and sometimes even labeled as meal and flour.  The Difference Both are made from ground almonds, though almond flour and almond meal have two subtle differences that set them apart. Almond flour […]

5 Best Benefits of Probiotics

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Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that live in the intestine and support normal microflora. They help to digest food and fight pathogenic – harmful bacteria. We have 100 trillion bacteria in our body, and this compound is unique to every human being, like a fingerprint. Disease or stress can change the balance of bacteria and lead […]

Sugar: Harm and Importance for the Body 

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Sugar is the most important of the carbohydrates vital for feeding brain cells. Glucose is one of the components of sugar, and from it our brain receives energy. Energy for vital processes. Description Sugar is a crystalline substance in white, light-brown or caramel color. It has no smell; the sweet is from moderate to strong. […]

Powerful Magnesium: Vitamin of Youth and Health

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Magnesium is an essential element that is present in all tissues of the human body and is necessary for the full functioning of cells. It is involved in about 300 biochemical reactions that occur every second in our body, so its deficiency quickly affects the well-being and appearance. Magnesium functions in the body Benefits of […]

Choosing the Best Sugar Substitute

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Absolutely everyone knows that sugar is bad for our body, that’s why you need to think about a sugar substitute. The main problem with sugar is its excessive consumption, which leads to weight gain and can provoke allergic reactions. Sugar contributes to the appearance of atherosclerosis and cholesterol plaques.But if you still want something sweet? […]