Super Easy Energy Balls

Healthy homemade energy balls with cranberries, nuts, dates and rolled oats on tray, horizontal [Thumbnail image]
These no-bake energy balls will be your favorite healthy snack. Sticky, sweet, and studded with chocolate chips, energy balls taste like little balls of cookie dough, but they’re made with simple, wholesome ingredients. They’re super-quick and easy to make in the food processor, and they keep for weeks in the freezer or fridge. Ingredients for […]

Healthy Pumpkin Gingerbread

Tasty orange gingerbread for Christmas baked in a wooden box [Thumbnail image]
This holiday Pumpkin Gingerbread recipe with a healthy twist—the addition of the pumpkin helps to make this treat much more nutritious. Although Pumpkin bread and other Pumpkin recipes are closely associated with American cuisine, these foods have a pre-Columbian history in North America. Many Americans developed their own pumpkin bread—based recipes before the arrival of […]

Perfect Coconut Cookies

Dish with coconut cookies [Thumbnail image]
Absolutely healthy Coconut cookies for everyone. Perfect snack. We know these cookies as “macaroon” with coconut flour and the original recipes dates back to ancient time of Arabic and Italian culinary traditions. Ingredients for Coconut Cookies Directions More recipes here. More about coconut oil in cooking, you can read on the website of National Library […]

Easy Almond cookie

Italian cookie amaretti with almond [Thumbnail image]
These are the easiest almond cookies you’ve ever made in your life. There are only four ingredients. If you follow a Paleo, gluten-free, or vegan diet, you’ll notice right away that these cookies are a fit for you. The almond cookie recipe was introduced from the first wave of Chinese immigration to the U.S. in […]

Best Chicken Salad Recipe

Chicken salad. [Thumbnail image]
Tangy feta and crunchy veggies work beautifully with hearty grilled chicken in this Chicken Salad Recipe. It’s hearty enough for a full meal! This salad has fewer calories than the version with mayonnaise. So, it is healthy and tasty. You know that the original place of birth, of this salad is China. And Chinese version […]

Light Quinoa Pancakes with Ricotta and Lemon

pancakes with blueberry strawberry honey and quinoa for breakfast [Thumbnail image]
These light texture quinoa pancakes are perfect for breakfast. Nutty whole wheat flour, fluffy ricotta, and tender cooked quinoa add flavor and texture to these light pancakes, due to the clever addition of whipped egg whites. Quinoa is a nutrient-rich grain native to South America and eaten worldwide as a healthy food. Like quinoa grains, […]

Healthy Fried Brussels sprouts with bacon

Fried Brussels sprouts with bacon [Thumbnail image]
Fried Brussels sprouts in this recipe, supplemented perfectly with bacon. Anyone who doesn’t love Brussels sprouts will change their mind after tasting them in this recipe. Brussels sprouts are offering a high concentration of minerals, vitamins, and bioactive substances while providing a low-fat content, are considered to be plant-based products with health-promoting effects on the […]