Swimming for a Healthy Spine

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The benefits of swimming in spine diseases are so significant that doctors recommend it to patients along with physical therapy. One of the reasons for this efficiency is the property of water to reduce the weight of immersed bodies. So, if a person weighs 70 kg, then in the water he will lighten up to 3 kg – this is close to weightlessness! The complexity of spine diseases is that the spine is constantly under weight. Your back can only rest during sleep, and even more during swimming.

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Why is Swimming Good for Your Spine

  • Reduced load. We weigh almost nothing in the water, the spinal discs not compressed. You can even not swim, but just lie in the water for 45 minutes. During this time, the disks will return to normal, and you can see an increase in growth. In water, all load on the muscles of the back removed.
  • Increased flexibility. Without load, all joints of the spine move with greater amplitude in different directions. If, as a result of illness or injury, the mobility of the spine has decreased, you will recover it faster and easier in the water.
  • Muscle training. Back health is not only the spine, but also a large group of muscles. Many of them are little used in everyday life, but actively work and develop in the water. For example, maintaining the balance of the body.
  • Increases lung volume. The breathing needed for swimming helps to restore the amplitude of vertebrae and rib joints, greatly improving lung ventilation.
  • Relaxation. Swimming relieves emotional tension, and it has a beneficial effect on all systems of the body.
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How to Swim for a Healthy Spine

If you have a pectoral curvature of the spine, or you slouch, it will be useful for you to swim on the abdomen. In this position, the spine stretched back and corrected posture. If the pectoral curvature flattened, swimming on the back is more effective.

Swimming has a complex healing effect on the body. It helps with diseases of the musculoskeletal system, respiratory system and nerves. The whole body is better supplied with oxygen and nutrients by increasing blood circulation and proper breathing. Regeneration processes speeded up, immunity strengthened, and overall health improved.

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