5 Tricks for Best Tan and How not to burn on the Beach

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The summer brought a comfortable temperature and sun. People go to the sea: for seawater, waves, and sunbathing for the best tan. Even though, the tan is a protective reaction of the body to the harmful effects of the sun, but everyone wants to get a bronze shade.

When do you need to finish sunbathing? How to avoid sunburn and melanoma?
Let’s figure out how to tan for health.

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Preparing the body for tanning

Practically nobody does this because of «laziness» or lack of time. But if you prepare the skin for the sun, the tan will be uniform and saturated. Before solar therapy, peel the whole body. After the treatment, wait one day (the skin needs to relax) and go to the beach for the perfect tan.

Dead time for sunbathing

Do not sunbathe when the sun is at the zenith and just vaporize the skin. Remember for yourself: from 11:00 to 16:00 dead time for sunbathing. At this time use the shadow and try not to go out under the sun.

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Use sunscreen

Apply the sunscreen 15–20 minutes before leaving under direct sunlight. Depending on the skin tone, it is necessary to use sunscreen with different levels of protection: the lighter the skin, the more SPF (Sun Protection Factor) is needed. For example, for very light skin requires protection SPF 50 and above, and for very dark skin will be enough SPF 6. By the way, after swimming the cream is washed off, and it needs to be applied again, so in such cases it is better to use a water-resistant sunscreen. The amount of sunscreen should be 2 mg of cream per 1 cm² of the body. Only this norm will provide protection from the sun.


Do not rush. The first exit to the beach under the sun should not exceed 15 minutes. In the following days, the dose can be increased by 5–10 minutes. So, the skin is guaranteed not to burn, but will get a nice tan. In general, try to be under direct rays of the sun no more than three hours a day.

Tanned Woman in Bikini with Coconut on the Beach

Take care of your skin

The visual advantage of tanning is certainly there, but you don’t need to forget about photoaging. When skin changes caused by ultraviolet light. This process accelerates the aging of the skin: it becomes dry and wrinkled. This is especially true of the most sensitive area on the face: the skin around the eyes. For protection, do not forget to use glasses, hats, and caps. Headgear protects perfectly the head from sunstroke, and the hair from drying and damage.

Little tricks

  • Do not sunbathe before meals and immediately after.
  • Do not drink freezing drinks and alcohol.
  • Do not use soap before tanning.
  • Do not use the perfume before sunbathing. It increases the skin’s sensitivity to ultraviolet rays.
  • Change the position of the body every 5–10 minutes.
  • The best tan comes in motion: playing football, volleyball, walking on the beach.

More useful information about beauty here. More information about protection from the sun you can read on the website of the American Academy of Dermatology.

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