The importance of Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis – NEAT

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Body weight loss is 80% dependent on your diet and 20% on exercise. A special and important element in this plan lost – is the spontaneous non-technical activity (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis – NEAT). This daily activity affects the weight loss rate and weight gain after weight loss.

Our energy costs are divided into:

  • Basic calorie consumption;
  • Fat burning Workouts;
  • Non-Exercise Activity.

Usually, the basic calorie consumption is 70% of energy, the residual 30% is divided between exercise and activity at home. If a person does sports and does not lose weight, then the problem lies in the lack of everyday activity.

woman doing cleaning the house.

What is ordinary daily activity?

This is the activity of a person performing his or her daily chores: office work or work at home, going to the store, cleaning the house, etc. Everyday activities of a person related to his or her life functions.

For effective weight loss, it is necessary to burn 500 calories at the expense of movement every day.

The average person burns about 400 calories in one workout. Of course, it depends on your diligence in performing the training, your parameters, and level of training in general. Trained and slim people spend less calories during exercise than untrained overweight people. 

If you look at the weekly interval and focus on burning 500 calories daily, you should spend 3,500 calories per week. Three workouts a week will give you an average of 1,200 calories. It turns out that 2,300 calories need to be spent by normal everyday activities.

Unlike training, non-exercise activity is available to everyone at any time. You spend your calories while walking to work, playing with children, or walking with animals. Any action you take burns more calories if done more intensively.

Young mother with her little baby boy at the supermarket.

Ways to Increase Non-exercise Activity

  • Refuse the elevator in favor of the stairs;
  • Make a habit of going for a walk every day;
  • Do not use vehicles where you can walk;
  • Find an active hobby (swimming, dancing, martial arts, roller skating);
  • If you work at home, take breaks for small exercises or doing household chores.

Calorie consumption in one hour:

  • Walk with speed 3 km/h – 168 kcal;
  • Walk with speed 6 km/h – 294 kcal;
  • Climbing stairs – 443 kcal;
  • Home cleaning – 160 kcal;
  • Working at a computer – 86 kcal;

Any activities are much better than nothing. Move more and stay healthy.

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