Yoga: 5 Huge Benefits for Everyone.

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Yoga is an ancient spiritual practice aimed at the attainment of a person’s sublime spiritual and psychic state.

It consists of Asana (exercises), breathing techniques and meditations (passive and active), so it develops a person comprehensively – through the body, mind, and emotions. Many techniques adapt to student’s needs, and focus on body and breathing.

Yoga Benefits

  1. Improves focus, develops stress tolerance and skills to slow down the rhythm of life.
  2. Restores an emotional balance, calms the psyche.
  3. «Updates» the organism and regulates the hormonal background.
  4. Improves sleep quality. According to some researches, yoga is the best helpers with insomnia. More information you can find on the website of BMC Psychiatry.
  5. Strengthens physical health (strength, flexibility, balance).
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Yoga is for Everyone

Yoga is for everyone—regardless of age, sex, religion or physical fitness. At the same time, it is not a sport and fitness in the usual sense. There is no need to set goals and there is no competition: it is a personal practice, even if it is done in a group.

Crazy rhythm of life, multitasking, abundance of information – all of this contributes to self-destruction, stress, tension, blocks, and clamps in the body. We don’t move much, we don’t sleep well, we eat on the go, we can’t relax. It is a tool for self-repair at all levels, for self-regulation and self-discipline.


Features of Yoga

  • Regularity. It is best to do twice a week. This mode is suitable for everyone, regardless of restrictions. The interval between training should be the same so that the body can recover. For example, Monday/ Friday, Tuesday /Thursday or Tuesday /Saturday.
  • Process. After the orientation session, there should be a course for beginners. It should consist of basic exercises, breathing, extensions, theory, and practice and technique that will help to avoid injuries during independent practices. This course usually lasts 4-6 sessions for two weeks. During this time, motivation has time to form and the fears with uncertainty of the beginner vanish.
  • Discipline. It is not a workout, but a practice. A beginners course helps to remove barriers, but only repetition will lead to results.
  • Infinity. In these exercises, there is no beginning and end, only courses are limited in time – so you can join any group at any time (but you need to warn the instructor that you are new). At seminars and thematic classes (on breathing, cleansing, stretching, techniques of relaxation and meditation), you can start them with the first lesson. However, for the intensive classes (practices with increased load), you can start them only after a year of regular classes.


Brand “Gruper” offers a Thick Yoga Mat Non Slip. This classic thick mat uses NBR material, soft and comfortable, can protect your knees and provide enough buffering. Suitable for all kinds of light sports such as meditation, yoga, etc. If you do regular sports, hot yoga, you can buy Gruper TPE 6 mm professional mat.

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Brand “Primasole” offers a Folding Yoga Travel Pilates Mat. Maximal portability for easy carrying to your travel, studio, park, or beach. Size is 68 × 24 inches provides comfort and stability at a total weight of only 2.0 lb for the 4 mm mat. Embossed surface ensures stability during all types of training. Ideal for core strength, posture, balance, and flexibility exercises. Perfect for hot yoga, ab crunches, or Pilates as well as standing poses.

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Brand “Ewedoos” offers a Yoga Mat Bag. Crafted specifically to carry mats in an Easy, Gender Neutral, Shoulder Strap Tote Bag Form. No more hassle packing and carrying your gear to and from the studio. Just Slide On Your Shoulder And Go! Dimensions are 35″x13.5″. Two Pockets Design: ONE LARGE SIDE POCKET for Water Bottle, Towel, and Sunglasses. And ONE SMALL INTERIOR ZIPPER POCKET for Keys, Wallet, and Phone.

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